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Updates                 Both mature trees and resets continue to show damage from the late January freeze. 

Of course, some extra rain the past few months would have resulted in a bit more flush but many trees have suffered with fruit set and leaf flush from the January freezes 2 nights in a row.  We feel we have had better recovery where we applied OB-33 microbial formulation but the trees have been slow to respond to foliar micro-nutrients and nitrogen through the microjets.  Both fertilizer and fuel prices continue to hamper the 22/23 production budgets. We are confident you will get 40 pounds of usable nitrogen with 2 gallons per acre of our OB-33 at a cost of $16/acre through the microjets.  Increased phosphorous availability, disease control, and root flush come along with the nitrogen.  Incorporating our biological soil amendment will help take the edge off both the fuel and nitrogen prices. 

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Let us show you how to reduce risk, reduce cost and put more fruit and pound solids on the truck.

Call Ron 863-333-2100 today!  Let us help you map out a production plan that will reduce cost of citrus production by $300-500 per acre while increasing yield.  Discounts available!

Our System Utilizes:

 1. Complete soil health test

 2.  Tissue testing

 3.  Diverse approaches to insect control

 4.  Sap-flow meters to see the heartbeat of the trees

 5.  Re-populating naturally occurring microbial populations in the soil. 

If you have treated Phytophthora or nematodes in your grove, you need to repopulate critical soil microbes to insure plant nutrients are available.  

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