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It coming up on time to fertilize for 22/23 orange crop. Between fruit drop and low sugar, revenues are down for most growers.  Fertilizer prices have skyrocketed. $1.00 per pound for most forms of nitrogen.  We get a 40lb nitrogen credit from our OB-33 microbe formulation.  That means 2 gallons of OB-33 per acre will cost you $16.00 and the nitrogen alone is worth $40! We just tissue sampled our Hamlins and they are at 2.67% nitrogen reflecting that we got at least 40 lbs of nitrogen from the microbes.Anhydrous prices surged 38% from October to November, and now averages $1,113/ton. The nitrogen fertilizer is 163% more expensive than at this time last year. (DTN chart)

We are working with a compost processor whose compost has 30lbs nitrogen per ton. We are applying 2 tons per acre or 60 lbs from compost and 40 lbs from OB-33.  Only half the nitrogen is available the first year.  But, putting down 2 tons every year will provide 60 lbs after the first year. Also, we are mixing 10 lbs of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with 2 tons of compost and we have not purchased any insecticide for 2 years.  At $1.00 per lb, we have $10 per acre insecticide cost. Plus DE takes care of soft-bodied insects including Diaprepes root weevil. The larvae of the root weevil spends several months in the ground feeding before re-emerging.  DE will control termites that may come into your grove from compost. 

We are seeing severe fruit drop in many groves - ours included!  Early on our fruit drop looked minimal, but now they are falling daily with a slight wind. Research shows that fruit drop comes from a variety of sources such as stress, dry weather, severe pruning and pathogens such as the Phytophthora and HLB.  Although previously considered fungi, Phytophthora is now classified as an oomycetes.  We know it is always present and appears when conditions are right.  Early application of our living microbes in the soil will greatly benefit fruit in the fall by suppressing pathogens in the early stages in spring. 

Let us show you how to reduce risk, reduce cost and put more fruit and pound solids on the truck.

Call Ron 863-333-2100 today!  Let us help you map out a production plan that will reduce cost of citrus production by $300-500 per acre while increasing yield.  Discounts available!

Our System Utilizes:

 1. Complete soil health test

 2.  Tissue testing

 3.  Diverse approaches to insect control

 4.  Sap-flow meters to see the heartbeat of the trees

 5.  Re-populating naturally occurring microbial populations in the soil. 

If you have treated Phytophthora or nematodes in your grove, you need to repopulate critical soil microbes to insure plant nutrients are available.  

Let us share our individually tailored systems for your grove today.  863-333-2100

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