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As October 4, our grove is still 14" of rain short of the ten-year average.  Temperatures have run 1% hotter than the ten-year average.   Our treated groves are growing the middles so fast we cannot keep up mowing in between rains.  We are seeing a significant amount of Canker (Xanthomonas axonopodis) in our neighbors' fields. Canker is fairly easy to control with 1 gallon of our Microbial Consortium, TR-24 mixed with 50 gallons of water applied with an airblast.  The lesions will be dried in a couple of days and will, in most cases, halt the spread.

We are scouting for fruit drop in anticipation of what we experienced last year.  We see less fruit drop from trees treated with our OB-33 in late January or early February. Research shows that a fruit drop comes from a variety of sources such as stress, dry weather, severe pruning and pathogens such as the numerous Phytophthora.  halt the spread.  Although previously considered fungi, Phytophthora is now classified as an oomycetes.  We know it is always present and appears when conditions are right.  Early application of our living microbes in the soil will greatly benefit fruit in the fall by suppressing pathogens in the early stages in spring. 

Let us show you how to reduce risk, reduce cost and put more fruit and pound solids on the truck.

Call Ron 863-333-2100 today!  Let us help you map out a production plan that will reduce cost of citrus production by $200-$400 per acre while increasing yield.  Discounts available!

Our System Utilizes:

 1. Complete soil health test

 2.  Tissue testing

 3.  Diverse approaches to insect control

 4.  Sap-flow meters to see the heartbeat of the trees

 5.  Re-populating naturally occurring microbial populations in the soil. 

If you have treated Phytophthora or nematodes in your grove, you need to repopulate critical soil microbes to insure plant nutrients are available.  

Let us share our individually tailored systems for your grove today.  863-333-2100

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