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30 Acre Research Trial Log 2021

March 23, 2021 Update- Just finished harvesting Valencias.  Yield was a bit down due to 12% resets planted last May.  Lack of rainfall has made it difficult to keep our soil moisture in the ideal range. The plan is to foliar apply minors, microbes to protect against canker and the DE we did not get down in January.  The sharp edges of DE is rough on blossoms and we decided to wait until pedal fall to  apply.

January 27, 2021 Update- Blossoms are busting out.  8-2-8 put down this weeks with 3 gallons per acre of our microbes.  5 lbs DE per acre.  Rake under all trees, 5 tons compost per acre right inside dripline of canopy. 

January 15, 2021  Harvest results from earlies - State-wide Hamlin juice oranges are averaging 4.25 lb solids. At 2.25 per pound, one-half point increase in pound solids is worth $337 per acre on 300 box oranges!  We consistently see increases in pound solids with our system. Our Hamlins average 5.5 lb solids in our test plot - 13.9 acres.  Location 4192 County Road 661A, Arcadia, FL 

Let us show you how to reduce risk, reduce cost and put more fruit and pound solids on the truck.

If you have treated Phytophtora or nematodes in your grove, you need to repopulate critical soil microbes. 

Call Ron 863-333-2100 today!  March/April application of our microbes help promote the leaf flush to support the fruit set.  Discounts available!

Our System Utilizes:

 1. Complete soil health test

 2.  Tissue testing

 3.  Diverse approaches to insect control

 4.  Sap-flow meters to see the heartbeat of the trees

 5.  Re-populating naturally occurring microbial populations in the soil. 

Let us share our successful individually tailored systems for your grove today.  863-333-2100

Spend less, Grow more! 

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